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How to program the Best Fit Slope – Practical Machine Learning Tutorial with Python p.8

Welcome to the 8th part of our machine learning regression tutorial within our Machine Learning with Python tutorial series. Where we left off, we had just realized that we needed to replicate some non-trivial algorithms into Python code in an attempt to calculate a best-fit line for a given dataset.

Before we embark on that, why are we going to bother with all of this? Linear Regression is basically the brick to the machine learning building. It is used in almost every single major machine learning algorithm, so an understanding of it will help you to get the foundation for most major machine learning algorithms. For the enthusiastic among us, understanding linear regression and general linear algebra is the first step towards writing your own custom machine learning algorithms and branching out into the bleeding edge of machine learning, using what ever the best processing is at the time. As processing improves and hardware architecture changes, the methodologies used for machine learning also change. The more recent rise in neural networks has had much to do with general purpose graphics processing units. Ever wonder what’s at the heart of an artificial neural network? You guessed it: linear regression.